Introducing “The APAHW Network” Photo Project

A network is a group or system of interconnected people or things. Adhering to this year’s theme, we are building networks on campus by asking students to share their input on issues of cultural identity and micro-aggression. By providing their opinions, anecdotes, and thoughts, we extract what may commonly be perceived as personal happenings to draw out a bigger picture of what the Penn community looks like and feels about the diversity that surrounds them and what role their culture has for others as much as it has on themselves.

With every photo project event, APAHW will ask students one common question pertaining to our interests in cultural identity. To build on the metaphor of network-building, the responses provided by students will be recorded — written on paper, photo being taken, filmed, etc. — and displayed physically. Networking, as an experience, involves a lot of human interactions and collaborations, thus inspiring us to create a photo project experience that is interactive for us and our contributors.

At the “CelebrASIAN” event hosted by Asian-Pacific Student Coalition (APSC) during this year’s New Student Orientation (August 25th. 2013), APAHW asked the first question of our photo project series: “What stereotype do you not identify with/defy?”¬†


[To see all the photos, visit our Facebook album. All photos for our project will go there.]

It was very exciting to see both current and new Penn students take part in our first project. We look forward to continuing our project at the Pan-Asian American Community House (PAACH) Open House event on September 11th, 2013 from 4:00 – 6:00PM at Golkin Hall, Houston Hall. Our next question for the Penn Community? Come by and find out!

Introducing “The APAHW Network” (11/10th – 11/16th)

The 2013 APAHW board presents the theme for this year’s 21st Asian Pacific American Heritage Week Celebration — “The APAHW Network”. For 2013, the University of Pennsylvania will be celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Week from November 10th through the 16th. Although Programming Board is still ironing out the details for the week’s line-up of events, they are working to ensure this week’s line-up will include traditions such as Big Asian and Extravaganza, in addition to past favorites such as ASAM Thought-talks and Alumni events.

“The APAHW Network”

The 2013 APAHW General Board!


After several applications and several hours of interviews, twelve applicants were picked to represent this year’s APAHW General Board. The structure of the general board was changed slightly from previous years in that more positions were added. Along with the Executive Chairs, members of the General Board will work together to brainstorm the theme, construct a budget, create the schedule, and market the week of celebration leading up the event for the UPenn and nearby communities.

From March through November, this 15 member board will put their creative minds together to bring you the University of Pennsylvania’s 2013 Asian-Pacific American Heritage Week. Stay tuned and congratulations to our new General Board:

Programming: Akiff Premjee, Ella Zhang, Isaac Lin, Raina Dhir, Rohini Kopparam, Ryan Cherng
Marketing: Emily Gao, Laurin Noguchi
Design: Christine Cabigao
Finance: Asdy Wan, Savar Sareen
Tech: MK Jang


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