BD WongAPAHW Board 2005 with keynote speaker, BD Wong.
APAHW Board 2012 with keynote speaker, Kal Penn.

APAHW, or Asian Pacific American Heritage Week, has been a part of student life at the University of Pennsylvania since 1993. For more than two decades (and still going strong), passionate and dedicated students and friends to Penn’s Asian Pacific American (APA) community have come together to make this week’s celebration possible year after year. Often in collaboration with the Pan-Asian American Community House (PAACH) and the political arm of activism, Asian Pacific Student Coalition (APSC), APAHW is arguably the one week in which all of Penn’s APA organizations, regardless of what aspect of Asian culture they represent, come together for the mutual exchange for heritage awareness and knowledge — not just among one another, but also among the communities beyond their own.