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What is APAHW?


Founded in 1993, Asian Pacific American Heritage Week is a week-long celebration of the rich and diverse heritage of Asian Pacific Americans.  It combines cultural and educational awareness with outreach to the community, while fostering an atmosphere of dialogue between the many different Asian American cultural groups and the greater Penn community.  With over 20 years of history behind it, APAHW is among the longest-running programming for minority students, and has a very established presence at the University of Pennsylvania.

What has it accomplished?

Over almost two decades, Asian Pacific Heritage Week (APAHW) has grown from the dream of a few students into the premiere Asian American event at the University of Pennsylvania. First started in December of 1993, the week included a multicultural display, workshops and talent shows. Not only did this aim to achieve unity amongst the myriad of denominations at Penn, but it also served to establish an Asian American presence on campus.
Past APAHWs have been covered extensively by the Daily Pennsylvanian, and our events are attended by hundreds of students.
APAHW has provided a perfect context for Asian American students to raise their concerns and pursue cultural and political goals. It has helped rally support for causes such as the creation of an Asian American Studies department at UPenn, as well as the establishment of a resource center known as the Pan Asian American Community House. Although APAHW has changed and improved in many ways since 1993, the vision has remained the same – to strive toward the development of strong intercultural connections among the different Asian Americans and among all members of the Penn community.