The APAHW 2014 schedule is finally out! We have an exciting lineup of events including Eddie Huang–chef, tv personality, and author–as our keynote speaker and a concert by the widely popular YouTube artist, Sam Tsui. GET PUMPED FOR NEXT WEEK! We hope to see you there!

For a closer look at our schedule of events, click here


APAHW 2014 Schedule Reveal: Save the date!


As we near the final week of planning for APAHW 2014, we cannot wait to finally reveal our week’s KEYNOTE SPEAKER and SPECIAL PERFORMER. Check back Sunday night for our official APAHW 2014 Schedule.

APAHW “Revolution” 2014


The 2014 APAHW board presents the theme for UPenn’s 22nd Asian Pacific American Heritage Week — “Revolution”. This year, the week-long celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage will run from Nov 2nd to Nov 8th. In line with this year’s theme, the board has been working to bring in exciting speakers and explore new possibilities in the line-up of events. But that doesn’t mean APAHW’s best traditions are forgotten. Big Asian, Extravaganza, ASAM talk, and Alumni dinner will be back with full force and renewed energy. With this year’s theme, Revolution, we hope to provoke and inspire students to step out of familiar grounds and explore uncharted territories. We want people to think differently for their future. What we want to build is a forward-looking paradigm. Yet we cannot achieve that without a reflective look to the past and honest discussions about the present. With our event timeline connecting the past, present and future, we wish that students can draw strength from the past, focus on the present and envision a brand-new future.

Stay tuned.

Introducing: The APAHW 2014 General Board

After hours of interviews and deliberations, we are honored to finally introduce the members of the APAHW 2014 General Board! The Executive Board is confident in the quality of this 10-member General Board and were blown away by the ideas they brought to the table during their interviews. We are thrilled to work alongside them and look forwarding to planning and executing a brilliant APAHW 2014.

Congratulations to the University of Pennsylvania’s 2014 Asian-Pacific American Heritage Week General Board:

Programming: Christine Hu, Rohini Kopparam, Michelle Rie, Hemal Shah, Shivani Shah
Marketing: Marc Abundo, Selina Liu, Asdy Wan
Finance: Wendy Cheng, Steven Sun


Stay tuned for more news!


Click Here for Application!!

Applications for the 2014 Asian-Pacific American Heritage Week Tri-Chair positions — Executive, Programming, and Marketing — are open until January 24th, 2014 (midnight). More details about the positions can be found on the applications above, but we would also like to note the following for those interested in applying for specific positions:

  • Applicants interested in applying for Executive Chair is strongly recommended to have had past experience being on APAHW General Board (if this is an obstacle, please contact Srishti Kedia, the current Chair, at srishti.kedia1@gmail.com). You can also reach out to Srishti f0r more information
  • Applicants interested in applying for Programming Chair does not have to have prior General Board experience but it, or any past experience coordinating big events for a campus-wide audience, will be greatly appreciated. For more information, please reach out to Paulo Bautista, our current Programming Chair at kewlgmr@gmail.com.
  • Applicants interested in applying for Marketing Chair do not have to have prior General Board experience at all but it is strongly encouraged that they demonstrate some skill and knowledge of design and/or past experiences in doing publicity for events/groups. For more information, please reach out to Dyana So, our current Marketing Chair at swing@sas.upenn.edu.

Interviews should follow no later than two days after applications deadlines. Once the three Chairs have been chosen, applications for General Board will be available (no prior experience with APAHW is required/necessary for any of these positions).

We look forward your applications!


Srishti, Paulo, and Dyana

Introducing “The APAHW Network” Photo Project

A network is a group or system of interconnected people or things. Adhering to this year’s theme, we are building networks on campus by asking students to share their input on issues of cultural identity and micro-aggression. By providing their opinions, anecdotes, and thoughts, we extract what may commonly be perceived as personal happenings to draw out a bigger picture of what the Penn community looks like and feels about the diversity that surrounds them and what role their culture has for others as much as it has on themselves.

With every photo project event, APAHW will ask students one common question pertaining to our interests in cultural identity. To build on the metaphor of network-building, the responses provided by students will be recorded — written on paper, photo being taken, filmed, etc. — and displayed physically. Networking, as an experience, involves a lot of human interactions and collaborations, thus inspiring us to create a photo project experience that is interactive for us and our contributors.

At the “CelebrASIAN” event hosted by Asian-Pacific Student Coalition (APSC) during this year’s New Student Orientation (August 25th. 2013), APAHW asked the first question of our photo project series: “What stereotype do you not identify with/defy?” 


[To see all the photos, visit our Facebook album. All photos for our project will go there.]

It was very exciting to see both current and new Penn students take part in our first project. We look forward to continuing our project at the Pan-Asian American Community House (PAACH) Open House event on September 11th, 2013 from 4:00 – 6:00PM at Golkin Hall, Houston Hall. Our next question for the Penn Community? Come by and find out!

Introducing “The APAHW Network” (11/10th – 11/16th)

The 2013 APAHW board presents the theme for this year’s 21st Asian Pacific American Heritage Week Celebration — “The APAHW Network”. For 2013, the University of Pennsylvania will be celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Week from November 10th through the 16th. Although Programming Board is still ironing out the details for the week’s line-up of events, they are working to ensure this week’s line-up will include traditions such as Big Asian and Extravaganza, in addition to past favorites such as ASAM Thought-talks and Alumni events.

“The APAHW Network”